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We bring industry researchers, product developers with scientists and engineers together to accelerate the development and implementation of cell manufacturing technologies for a large-scale, reproducible, and high-quality engineered process for broad industry and clinical use. Demonstrate expertise, see equipment up and running, and establish new contacts, this forward-looking forum provides participants with face to face access to the suppliers of advanced solutions and applications in cell processing engineering, supporting automation technology, data analytics, and supply chain.

Running concurrently to the exhibition is the technology conference. A broad array of scientific tracks will cover diverse topics and attract researchers and practicing engineers from different disciplines to interact and exchange their latest results.

Become a part of the gathering delivering the most focused science and business content, coverage will include, but is not limited to:

  • Automated process and techniques for cell production.
  • Process monitoring, quality control and safety testing.
  • Cell culture & systems.
  • Cell engineering & organoids.
  • Cell therapy manufacturing & delivery.
  • Bioimage analysis.
  • Equipment, apparatus, instruments, reagent materials.

Special Session: 3D Culture & Organoids

3D cell culture and Organoid are emerging as pivotal systems for understanding human organ development, modeling disease, screening for drug efficacy or toxicity, and investigating personalized medicine. This special session brings together the innovations in the diverse skills that are being used to develop 3D cell culture models of human tissues or micro-tissues, and their potential for helping to elucidate human physiology, mechanisms of diseases. The exhibit hall will offer a unique opportunity to showcase products and services, and create opportunities for expanded business in this industry. [...]