Berlin, Germany

Empowering Breakthroughs for Life.

Join us in this international forum together with other professionals to learn and discuss cell manufacturing and developing human in vitro models that impact a growing spectrum of modalities including disease research, drug discovery, and regenerative medicine.

The forum will converge academic forces with industry niches to identify gaps and challenges that will stimulate new science and technology innovation for the field. The goal is to offer a platform to evoke productive collaborations and partnerships.

Vertical and Sector Focus

3rd International Forum on Cell Manufacturing & Engineering


Organoids & 3D Cell Culture

  • Cell and organoid culture tools and techniques.
  • Development of new organoid protocols and models.
  • Automated culture system.
  • Novel bioreactors.
  • Imaging, screening, and analysis solutions.
  • Supply chain, logistics, and manufacturing support services.

New in 2024: in vitro Models

  • Most recent 3D models.
  • Innovative technologies in 3D modelling.
  • Development of microphysiological systems, organ-on-chip models, and multi-organ models.
  • Disease modeling.
  • Advanced computer-modeling techniques.
  • 3D biofabrication of models in vitro.
  • Automated high-throughput systems.
  • Approaches to benchmark and characterize in vitro human model systems.
  • Test and analysis tools.
  • Application of in vitro models in translation to the clinic.