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Co-Located Special Track on

Custom Cell Culture Solutions

The strategic decision to outsource cell culture services to contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) can unlock several competitive advantages. Choosing to outsource may not only save time and effort, but can also provide benefits from technical expertise and facilities dedicated to cell and tissue culturing. Collaborating with a CDMO for cell culture services not only streamlines the operational aspects of scientific development but also enhances scientific output, ensuring that organizations remain at the cutting edge of innovation and market readiness.

The special track will provide CDMOs the opportunity to meet in person with scientists and technicians in the field of cell culture technologies and buyers who need their services and expertise.

Suggested topics:

  • Custom cell culture expansion and cell processing.
  • Organoid generation services and organoid cell culture.
  • Custom media optimization and manufacturing.
  • Custom cell model services.
  • Profiling and screening services.
  • Cell line development and testing.
  • Custom cell banking and storage services.
  • Technology transfer.

Interested in exhibiting?

Special track is part of the forum and included within the main program. Thus, the same rules for registrations apply as for the main forum.

Please see the Exhibitor Prospectus.

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